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NASA Astronauts Say There Was a Bright Side to Almost Getting Blown Up

“It was actually a privilege.”

Hardly Phased

Did you actually assume one thing as inconsequential as the specter of being destroyed by Russian house junk would section NASA astronauts throughout their keep on board the International Space Station?

Well, you’d solely be form of incorrect. It’s not that the crew of astronauts, who traveled to the station on SpaceX’s Crew-3 mission, weren’t apprehensive about low-orbit particles created by Russia’s anti-satellite missile (ASAT) take a look at — the astronauts stated throughout a dwell NASA press convention they have been. But the occasion, they stated, additionally supplied a vivid facet: the chance to be taught extra in regards to the ISS and tips on how to take cowl in emergency conditions.

“We all got to see how the culture and the flow was — and actually check out using the Dragon as a safe haven,” the workforce stated in the course of the convention in keeping with Interesting Engineering‘s reporting. “It was actually a privilege to actuate all the hatches, we got to know our space station much better.”

Politics… in Space!

Despite the stress, Crew-3 managed to find something nice to say about working with Russian cosmonauts on board the ISS at the same time their country dangerous orbital tests and invaded Ukraine.

“International relations [haven’t] modified in any respect,” long-time NASA astronaut Tom Marshburn stated in the course of the debrief on Wednesday. “Being in space together, all the international partners doing what I believe to be great things — we rely on each other for survival. That has not changed at all.”

Is that actually how the astronauts really feel or what a media coach informed them to say? Who is aware of, however their statements couldn’t probably make the strain between US and Russia any worse.

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